LOOKING for that special script application? WE CAN HELP!!! Here at, you can find many scripts for thos special
applications. Some of these have "Lite" versions that you can download and use for FREE. All of them, of course, come in an industrial strength
"PROFESSIONAL" version as well. We have used many of these for different clients over the years with outstanding performance...
and found the people at to be extremely helpful and professional.

Real Time Chat Support System
This real time chat support software is the very same software that runs our own Live Advisor system. Featuring auto chat window pop-ups with audio alerts, your administrator is sure to get notified of every new chat session. With the auto hyperlink feature, your administrator will save time and be more efficient.


The "Commission Cart" is a must have for anybody who wants to expand their pay-site to include affiliates. Commission Cart is the only Internet Shopping Cart designed to allow others to earn commissions for promoting your products and services! Commission Cart™ will allow others to sign up to promote and sell your goods and/or services. These "affiliates" earn commission each time someone referred by their advertisements purchases something from your Commission Cart™!


The "Account Manger" software allows you to manage site Sign-up Lists and Membership lists with no effort.

"Account Manager LITE" is a version of our Professional Series Website Membership Management program. No other shareware program offers as much as it does for absolutely no cost! Great for managing the signup and membship of your private website directories.


"Bandwidth Protector" is FANTASTIC for anyone with graphics you want to
protect from "Hot Links". With this software running, no one will be
able to steal your bandwidth by linking to pics on the site.

"Account finder" is for those who have lost their user name and/or password to your favorite private website? Send this program to the webmaster of that site, and you'll never have to worry about losing the information again!

"PC Configurator" is designed to build custom Computer System configurations
"on-the-fly". PC Configurator allows small to medium computer retail/wholesale companies the ability to deliver real-time computer system configuration information, purchase order form, and delivery of information to both customer and retailer/wholesaler.

"PicLink" will create hundreds of pages of links and advertisements completely
hands-free! Your customers and website visitors do all the work, and you reap
the benefits.

"Webbs" One of the most powerful Bulletin Boards available! With complete
email and digest features, this bulletin board drives business to your website. Designed for Windows NT/BLAT mail!

"Subscribe me" is a powerful mailing list manager that allows you to build
your prospect/customer mailing list completely hands-free! It even includes a built-in encrypted password protected mailing form that you can use to automatically send your updates and information to your mailing list!


"Auction Weaver Pro" is for those who have always wanted to host their own auctions, now you can!

"Auction Weaver LITE" is a free, powerful,
and yet easy to install and use auction creation program which will allow you to host auctions created by you or your website visitors.

"News Update 1.2" is designed to assist with the building
and maintaining, of your growing business websites! From one TWO LINE form, you can easily place headline news regarding your organization, your services/products, coming events, etc. in a matter of seconds. Using Server Side Includes (SSI), News Update will instantly insert your late breaking stories and articles on any page you choose. Once the program is configured and you insert a small piece of code into each page you would like the updates to appear on, you'll never have to edit HTML again!

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